Displaying a bold mastery for the classical style, Samvel Lajikian is internationally renowned and an Honorary Artist of Armenia. Born in Gyumri in 1953, Lajikian received his graduate degrees from the Engineering University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan. From 1987 to 1995 he was the president of the Artists’ Union and the principal of the Merkurov Art School of Gyumri. In 1995 he relocated to the United States.

He has produced soulful, breathtaking visual art for the last three decades, and participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions across Europe, Asia and the United States. Characterized by soul and astonishing skill, his artworks have been acquired by the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Armenia, the State Gallery of Armenia, the Merkurov Museum and many private collectors. Lajikian’s successful Monuscipts are admired fixtures amongst private collectors, along with his extensive line of portraits, landscapes, still life and contemporary artworks, as well as various other compositions in his indomitable style. Many consider him the indisputable master of watercolor, however his paintings are skillfully produced in all methods, including watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Lajikian’s artwork incorporates the Renaissance style and has mesmerized many celebrities, amongst whom was Michael Jackson, who privately acquired the «Michael Jackson – The Last Supper» (oil on canvas) painting in 2003. Lajikian has illustrated numerous books from such eminent authors as Alexander Pushkin, Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe and others. In August of 2014, HBO aired a special from stand-up comedian Katt Williams, “Priceless: Afterlife», directed by Spike Lee. Lajikian’s 48’’ by 48’’ painting «The Last Supper» (oil on canvas) was prominently displayed on stage for the duration of the show.

From 1996 he emerged into a new world of art-form: jewelry design. He designed and created over 1000 pieces during a ten year tenure. In 2005, Lajikian created a celebrity jewelry line entitled “Celebrity Portrait Jewelry.” These unique creations consisted of pendants, rings and bracelets with portraits finely sculpted by hand onto the jewelry itself. Such pieces were created for internationally celebrated individuals such as Snoop Dogg, Master P, DMX, Xzibit, Shaquille O’Neal and others.

The artist currently lives in Laguna Niguel, California, from where he is working on his latest collection of commissioned portraits.

Lajikian’s Renaissance style breathes life onto the canvas, magnificently displaying the beauty and potential of human beings.

Lajikian’s portrait and figure paintings are simply powerful to observe. He establishes a sense of timelessness with every stroke of the brush — an achievement that is no doubt elevated by his bold practice as a painter.

Brian Sherwin, Art critic
The Eyes: it’s all about the eyes, that’s how you can tell a true master. You look at his portraits and see the life in them, breathing right at you. He is a genius at creating art!

Katt Williams, Comedian, Actor
Not every artist is able to find what he is looking for in his art. Samvel Lajikian is one of those lucky artists that has been able to find what he has been looking for throughout his career at different stages.

Yakov Khachikian, Estet, Art Professor, Academician
Samvel Lajikian is an artist of unique talent. When you look at his paintings you feel the breath of the Armenian nation, the East. The exhibited artworks have a wonderful composition, are full of the transparency of light and shadow.

Micky K. Schalit, ‘Agora’ gallery, New York
In the Armenian Artworld there has been a lot of Nature Morte compositions, where our rug has always been a quiet background in them; sometimes active, sometimes passive. But in Samvel Lajikian’s art that same rug obtained a soul and became full of life. I believe those are new words not only in the young painter’s compositions but in our art in general.

Grigor Khanjyan, Honored Artist of Armenia and USSR, Academician
A masterpiece of this magnitude is worthy of a praise. One can only create this with a golden brush. Breathtaking is the only word that comes to mind.

Michael Jackson
Samvel Lajikian’s accomplishments are obvious in the portrait genre; the likeness, the expression of the character, the uniqueness of the soul expression. This is what defines portraits. From the painting is looking at us not just a person, but the person, only that person. In this way the artist wants to tell us that the more people there are, the more inner worlds there are. And he gets what he wants. There is no doubt that the future is his.

Rouben Zaryan, Academician, Art Critic
Samvel’s respect towards classical art refrained him from destruction in this modern world of art and as a result we have creations through the soul of an Armenian who looks at life through noble colors.

Pogos Haytayan, Art Critic